Established in 1959, York University initially was affiliated with the University of Toronto but became independent in 1965. Its first campus in 1961 was Glendon College, located at Lawrence Avenue West and Bayview Avenue. Glendon continues as a smaller university campus with a focus on multilingual education. York University’s main campus opened in 1965 in the vicinity of Keele Street and Steeles Avenue. With its remote location and poor public transit options, it was considered a commuter university with abundant parking lots. It also was characterized by buildings designed in the Brutalist style spaced a long distance apart. In recent years though, the campus has become more densely populated, and the two new subway stations on Line 1 that opened in 2017 provide much improved public transit service for the York U community.


Black and white oblique aerial view of York University campus buildings, parking lot and large, oval landscaped green space.
York University campus
[ca. 1968]
Series 1745, File 14, Item 37


Black and white view of a group of about ten young people in grassy field with three university campus buildings in background.
York University
[ca. 1968]
Series 1745, File 5, Item 33
Black and white view of four women sitting on the grass talking with each other in front of three university campus buildings.
Students hanging out at York University
[ca. 1973]
Series 1745, File 3, Item 7