Transcription of:


142 Agnes Street
Report on Survey of the Treasury, Assessment,
Works, Fire and Property Departments
Civic Survey Committee
Fonds 1002, File 3


Title: Need for a house-to-house inspection

142 Agnes Street

In the rear of a store located at 142 Agnes Street were found living quarters consisting of three rooms, one of which was used as a store room for all kinds of rubbish. The bedroom contained two beds, used by the father, mother and two children. The third room was the kitchen, which a daughter of about eleven used as a sleeping room. Under the bedroom was a cellar full of every imaginable kind of dirt, wood, rubbish, and the like. This cellar was inspected and photograph taken, because a very decided dampness and strong odor were noticed when inspecting the bedroom. It was found that two tin, or lead, pipes which connected the sink of the kitchen with a tile drain pipe were overflowing. Evidently this condition had existed for some time, because the overflow was so great that it had partly covered the cellar floor and it was learned from the tenants that they had made repeated requests of the owner of the property to remedy this condition. The health department was aware of this fact and at the time of inspection was dealing with this condition.


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