The standing committee on Finance and Assessment brought up their Report No. 9 which was received and read and is as follows

To the Worshipful

The Mayor, Aldermen and commonalty of the City of Toronto in common council assembled

The committee on Finance and Assessment beg leave to recommend that an order be given for the payment of the different accounts below stated


McKeand Thomson & Co., Furniture £14. 0. 0
Jacques & Hay, Furniture 92.10.7
Fleming Ridout & Schriber, City Plan 1.10.0
Hutchison & Co., Flag 10.0.0
Peter McDonald, Extras Fireman Hall 90.14.2
George Simpson, Sundries 43.15. 7
J.H. Cameron, Consultation Fee 10. 0.0
Armstrong, Beere & Hime, 100 views of Toronto 60.0.0
C. Fisher, Right of way at Poll, etc. 2.16.7
W. Meyers

Armstrong, Beere, and Hime are paid £60 for 100 views of Toronto
June 26, 1857
Journal of the Common Council of the City of Toronto, p. 185
City of Toronto Archives, Series 1077


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