The City offers a wide range of drop-in and registered fitness classes and fitness areas for self-led workouts.


Find out about payment options, such as pay-as-you-go drop-in fees, punch cards, memberships for fitness centres and weight rooms on Fitness – General Information.

Drop-in Programs

For drop-in schedules, check the drop-in programs map or the drop-in program listings for:

Registered Programs

Registered programs can be browsed on eFun. You will need a family number and client number(s) to use eFun. Find more details on How to Register for Recreation Programs.

Outdoor Fitness Areas and Equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment is available in parks for self-led exercise.

Body Sculpt

Fitness class emphasizing full-body conditioning with a focus on muscle strength and endurance.

Body Sculpt: Core

Fitness class focusing on strengthening the muscles in the abdomen, lower back and pelvis.

Body Sculpt Lower Body

Fitness class focusing on strengthening the muscles of the legs, gluteus and core.

Boot Camp

Fitness class that will challenge you to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and endurance levels!

Cardio and Sculpt

Fitness class for all levels of experience with both cardio and conditioning components for a full-body workout.

Cardio Dance

This class focuses on music and dance movements to create a dynamic, exciting, aerobic workout.

Cardio High/Low

A cardiovascular workout including both high and low-impact options.

Cardio HIIT

This is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class that offers both cardio and strength components.

Fitness Workout

Open access to the fitness centre or weight room where participants can exercise with equipment at their own pace.

Some weight rooms are supervised. Call specific weight room locations to confirm supervision hours.”

Fitness: Caregiver and Baby

This fitness class is designed specifically for new parents/caregivers to attend with their baby.

Fitness: Family

This fitness class is designed for parents to participate together with their child(ren) as a family.

Gentle Fit

A gentle and slow-paced class for all fitness levels.  Provides low intensity level exercise options for cardio and muscle conditioning.

Osteo Fit

Low-intensity, slow-paced, weight-bearing and resistance work out that may help build and maintain stronger bones while increasing muscle strength. This program is suitable for anyone with low bone density or osteoporosis.

Pilates – Beginner

Fitness class with a slow-paced sequencing of Pilates movements, primarily focusing on awareness of the spine, specific breathing techniques, building core strength and overall flexibility.

Post Natal Fitness

This program allows parents to participate in an exercise class with their babies in the room. Each class involves cardiovascular,muscular strength and endurance components with a focus on postnatal specific core work and flexibility.

Stationary Cycling

Open access to the cycling room for a personal workout.


Fitness class providing a cardiovascular workout using the Step, with choreography.


This class focuses on improving posture and flexibility by doing various stretching exercises.

Stretch and Strength

Fitness class focusing on improving posture and flexibility by strengthening and stretching the muscles of the body.

Tai Chi – Beginner

A style of martial arts that involves uniform smooth motions in sequence. Tai Chi improves flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and mental concentration.

Walk Fit

A low impact workout which alternates between periods of walking and stationary exercise.

Walking/Running Track

Open access to the walking or running track for personal use.

Yoga – Beginner

Yoga class introducing a variety of Hatha Yoga poses that promote flexibility, specific breathing and relaxation techniques.

Yoga – Intermediate

Yoga class focusing on a series of intermediate postures promoting flexibility, specific breathing and relaxation techniques, while strengthening and toning muscles at an intermediate level.

Yoga/Pilates Fusion

This class combines the benefits of Yoga and Pilates. Learn the fundamentals of proper breathing and correct body alignment in a relaxing atmosphere. This class encourages strong abdominals, a supple spine and overall flexibility.

Yoga: Chair

A Yoga class including gentle stretches and traditional poses that uses a chair throughout the class or for support while standing.

Yoga: Kundalini

Yoga class that includes the use of dynamic breathing techniques, chanting, mantras and meditation, along with traditional poses.

Yoga: Power

This is an Ashtanga style yoga class which moves quickly through a series of athletic poses which builds strength, stamina and flexibility.


Latin-inspired cardio dance class.

Zumba Kids®

Latin-inspired cardio dance class for children.

Zumba Gold®

Latin-inspired, low impact, cardio dance class for older adults.

Find Aquafit locations and schedules or reserve a spot online by visiting the Swimming web page.

Aquafit is a water-based fitness class. Equipment is provided. Fees apply for aquafit.