As part of the Provincial vaccine mandate, starting on September 22, 2021 some recreation programs will require proof of full vaccination in order to participate. Find out who this affects and what is required in Fall Recreation Program’s Proof of Vaccination Requirement section.

Stay up-to-date on all changes to City services.

Registration for fall recreation starts on September 25 and 28, 2021. Learn which registration date applies to you and find out about fall recreation programs.

Find out how to book your fitness time slot online and make your reservation today. Before going to any community centre or fitness facility, you must complete the Ontario Ministry of Health COVID-19 customer screening and if you do not pass the screening, you should not visit.

Information about pay-as-you-go drop-in fees, punch cards, memberships for fitness centres and weight rooms is available on Fitness – General Information.

  • Reservations are available to Toronto residents only, and will be honoured for 5 minutes beyond the scheduled start time. If you do not arrive within 5 minutes of your reservation start time, your spot will be given to someone in the walk-in line.
  • Reservations are encouraged. A small number of spots will be available for participants who are not able to make a reservation online.
  • Capacities for fitness workout spaces and classes have been adjusted to allow for physical distancing.
  • Participants are encouraged to come dressed and ready to exercise.
  • Wearing a mask/face covering is required while waiting in line (indoors), and in indoor public spaces, including washrooms. Masks/face coverings are strongly recommended while in close proximity to others outdoors. Please keep 2 metres of physical distance from other participants.
  • Wearing a mask at all times is recommended however, you may temporarily remove your mask/face covering when exercising if you find it difficult to breathe. When you’re finished exercising, a mask must be worn. This includes longer-than-normal rest periods. Read about wearing Face and Mask Coverings and find out more about using City fitness facilities during COVID-19.
  • Find out more about using Outdoor Recreational Amenities and read Toronto Public Health’s COVID-19 Checklist for Using Outdoor Recreational Amenities. Hours of operation vary. Select a map pin or review the list of locations below for centre status, select Reserve Now to view hours of operation.
  1. Make sure you have your family and client number(s). You can create an account for you and members of your family online. Your new Family and Client number will be emailed to you. Remember to save your Family and Client number in a secure place. Find out more about how to get family and client numbers.
  2. Each Thursday at 8 a.m. a new block of reservations are released for the following week (Monday to Sunday). Toronto residents may make one reservation per day, per activity type and only for members of their household.
  3. Use the following map or list to find a location. You can search by using your own address, or the park or community centre name. Filter results by selecting a Location Type (indoor or outdoor) and/or by Activity Type.
  4. Select a map pin for location status and to find the Reserve Now button.
  5. Choose the Reserve Now button to find available reservation times. Once you have found a date and time you prefer, select Reserve.
  6. A new window will open in eFun. Select Add to add the activity to your cart, and log in to eFun using your family and client number.
  7. Select A Client from the dropdown to identify which member of your household you are making a reservation for, then choose Go to Checkout.
  8. Review the activity Details and select Complete. A waiver will open and you will need to Agree to the terms to complete the reservation. Waitlists are not kept or monitored for recreation reservations.
  9. After completing the reservation, take a screenshot or print the receipt to show on-site.

Reservations will be honoured for 5 minutes beyond the scheduled start time. Walk-ins are welcome if space is available.

For a better experience, reserve using a desktop or laptop device, and make sure your web browser is up-to-date.

Outdoor Fitness Areas

Outdoor Fitness Areas are closing July 18, 2021.

Indoor Fitness Centres and Weight Rooms

Self-led workouts are available indoors as of July 19, 2021 and indoor fitness classes will resume July 26.                       

Body Sculpt

Fitness class emphasizing full body conditioning with a focus on muscle strength and endurance.

Body Sculpt Core

Fitness class focusing on strengthening the muscles in the abdomen, lower back and pelvis.

Body Sculpt Lower Body

Fitness class focusing on strengthening the muscles of the legs, gluteus and core.

Boot Camp

Fitness class to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and endurance levels through group, partnered and solo exercises using circuit, interval or plyometric training.

Cardio and Sculpt

Fitness class for all levels of experience with both cardio and conditioning components for a full body workout.

Cardio High/Low

Fitness class for all levels of experience providing a cardio workout with options for different levels of intensity.

Cardio Low Impact

Low impact fitness class for all levels of experience with both cardio and conditioning components for a full body workout.

Cardio Mix

Fitness class for all levels of experience offering different cardio conditioning styles for a full body workout.

Cardio Sculpt

Fitness class for all levels of experience with both cardio and conditioning components for a full body workout.

Gentle Fit

Gentle and slow-paced class for all fitness levels. Provides low intensity exercise options for cardio and conditioning. Appropriate for people with low bone density or osteoporosis. Some classes have floor work and others use chairs for the conditioning portion.

Osteo Fit

Fitness class with weight-bearing exercises to build and maintain stronger bones while increasing muscle strength. Suitable for anyone with low bone density or osteoporosis.


Fitness class with a primary focus on awareness of the spine, specific breathing techniques, building core strength and overall flexibility.


Fitness class providing a cardiovascular workout using the Step, with choreography.


Fitness class focusing on improving posture and flexibility by doing various stretching exercises.

Stretch and Strength

Fitness class focusing on improving posture and flexibility by strengthening and stretching the muscles of the body.


Yoga class focusing on a series of postures promoting flexibility, specific breathing and relaxation techniques, while strengthening and toning muscles.

Yoga Kundalini

Yoga class that includes the use of dynamic breathing techniques, chanting, mantras and meditation, along with traditional poses.


Latin-inspired cardio dance class.

Zumba Gold®

Latin-inspired, low impact, cardio dance class for seniors.

Cancel a reservation online up to one day before the activity is scheduled.

  1. Log in to eFun using your family and client number.
  2. Select My Account from the top menu.
  3. Scroll down to view your scheduled activities and choose Withdraw to cancel a reservation. Select OK to confirm you want to withdraw from the activity and a Withdrawal Confirmation screen will open.

If you need to cancel your reservation the day of, please email or call 416-396-7378, Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Community Centre and Outdoor Sign-In

Everyone must sign in when using a community centre, or participating in outdoor activities. This includes:

  • providing a first name
  • providing an email address or phone number
  • answering COVID-19 screening questions

This will help with Toronto Public Health contact tracing if it’s necessary.