Fire Pit Permit Process

The permit is booked through Customer Service Permit Call Centre

  • Regular Fire Pit Permit season: May 1 - September 30, weather permitting
  • Rates: Please check current permit rates

Select locations listed below can be permitted year-round

Note: All locations have limited washroom access during the off-season (October- May). Locations marked (**) may have washroom availability at the Outdoor Artificial rink during the off-season. (November - March)

Fire Pit locations across the City can be found on the Parks Map.

Designated Fire Pits:
Client selects a facility with a fire pit - Site is a designated fire pit (fire approved annually)
Step 1. Customer Service will review site availability.
Step 2. If available, the permit and insurance is issued to the client. Payment and clients signature is required at time of booking.
Step 3. The permit process is complete.

Non-Designated Fire Pits:
The client selects a facility with a fire pit - The site is NOT designated as a fire pit (NOT pre-approved by Toronto Fire Services)
Step 1. Customer Service forwards Toronto Fire Services Form & Parks Protocol Form to the customer to complete.
Step 2. Once approved by Toronto Fire Services, Customer Service will then contact the client and issue a permit.
Step 3. Permit must be signed and paid.
Step 4. Permit process is complete.

Fire Pit Permit Rate
Permit Fees (under Outdoor Events, Picnics, and Social Gatherings)
Fire Pit locations and capacity

Picnics and Social Gatherings Any gathering over 25 people, or a gathering that requires a designated "picnic" site, like a picnic shelter, must have a permit.

Please note, NOT all sites are equipped with BBQs. If the site has a BBQ people are permitted to use it. Gatherings are only permitted to use a portable barbeque where authorized by permit or where posted to allow their use. 

Note: Only charcoal or briquettes are permitted to be used in permanently fixed barbecues.

The use of fuel is strictly prohibited in permanently fixed BBQs.

Please contact the permits line for further information and permitting opportunities. Picnic/Outdoor social gathering sites can be permitted from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. in any City park.

  • Call in the start date to permit: As required beginning January 3rd, yearly
  • Permit season: May 1 to September 30, weather permitting
  • Rates: Please check current permit rates

For permit requests outside of the posted permit season, please contact permits line to discuss off season permitting opportunities.

Popular picnic locations
Looking for a picnic location Some popular parks for picnics are listed below.

* Parks with picnic shelters

Adams Park*, Centennial Park (Etobicoke)*, Downsview Dells ParkEarl Bales Park, High Park*,
Milliken District Park*, Morningside ParkThomson Memorial Park*, Toronto Islands*, and Wilket Creek Park

Parks bylaw - bringing your own barbeque (BBQ) to a City park

Parks Forestry and Recreation recommends that park users first go out to the park to ensure that the grills are in working condition and fit for use. Users may use charcoal for existing grills only.

A permit is required for groups of 25 or more to use the barbeques and/or picnic areas in the parks throughout Toronto.

If your group has fewer than 25, and you do not have a permit, you must vacate a permanent barbeque site if someone arrives with a permit for the designated picnic area

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