2024 Final Property Tax Bills are being mailed from May 17 through June 14. Payments must reach our offices on or before the instalment due dates to avoid penalty or interest charges.

2024 due dates for City of Toronto property taxes:

  • Regular installment: Final bill: July 2, August 1, September 3 
  • Two-instalment plan: Interim: March 1. Final bill: July 2
  • Six-instalment plan: March 1, April 2, May 1. Final bill: July 2, August 1, September 3
  • Eleven-instalment plan:  February 15, March 15, April 15, May 15, June 17.  Final bill: July 15, August 15, September 16, October 15, November 15, December 16

Did Not Receive your Final Tax Bill?

Contact a customer service representative if you have not received your Final Tax Bill to request a tax bill reprint be mailed to you, or view the website for more options.

The City of Toronto issues two property tax bills each year – the Interim Property Tax Bill and the Final Property Tax Bill. Find out more about Toronto property tax bills including, payment options, instalment due dates, tax rates, fees and relief programs.

Revenue generated from property taxes helps to pay for public education as well as city services and programs, some of which may include but are not limited to:

  • Police, Fire and Paramedic Services
  • Public transit
  • Parks, forestry and recreation

Interim Property Tax Bill

  • Calculated at 50 per cent of the previous year's total property tax
  • Interim Property Tax Bill is mailed out in January each year
  • Regular payment instalments are due the first business day of March, April and May
  • If property tax is paid through your mortgage company, the Interim Property Tax Bill will be sent directly to the mortgage company – you will only receive the Final Property Tax Bill

Final Property Tax Bill

  • Calculated using the property assessment value and multiplying it by the tax rate (Assessment x Rate = Total Property Tax)
  • The tax rate is comprised of two components — the municipal portion passed by City Council and the education rate set by the Province of Ontario
  • Property assessment value is assigned by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  • Final Property Tax Bill is mailed out in May each year
  • Regular payment instalments are due the first business day of July, August and September

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program

Enrol in Pre-Authorized Tax Payments through MyToronto Pay  where you can authorize the City to deduct property tax payments directly from your bank account, credit card or debit card. Three payment plan options are available to you:

  • 2 tax instalments
  • 6 tax instalments
  • 11 tax instalments

Electronic Billing

Learn more about subscribing to eBilling — a secure and convenient way to receive email notifications and access your bills online.

Accessible Bills

If you require your bills in a different format, call 311 - Tax & Utility Inquiry Line or TTY at 416-338-0TTY (0889).

Supplementary/Omitted Tax Bill

Supplementary & Omitted Tax bills are issued outside of the regular billing cycle, separate to the Interim and Final Property Tax Bills. Some important points about supplementary/omitted tax bills include:

  • May include assessment value for current year and previously omitted two years prior
  • Cannot be paid through the Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Program or through a mortgage company — you will need to pay this through another accepted payment method or forward this bill to your mortgage company for payment
  • Each supplementary/omitted tax bill will be payable in two tax instalments

City Building Fund (CBF)

The City Building Fund is a tax levy dedicated to priority transit and housing projects.

Property Tax Bill Reprint

You can request a reprint of your property tax bill a fee for the reprint of a tax bill will be applied to your property tax account. Once the request has been received, a reprinted bill will be delivered within approximately 5 business days (mail request).

Transfer-to-Tax Notice

Past due utility account balances outstanding for at least 28 days past the original payment due date will result in a Transfer-to-Tax Notice being mailed to the property owner.
A new payment due date will be assigned, 30 days from the date the Transfer-to-Tax Notice is mailed.
If payment is not received in full by the new payment due date indicated on the Transfer-to-Tax Notice, the outstanding balance will be transferred to the property tax account.