Reporting business operating illegally from residence

Report dog off leash in city park

Report a fence problem on private property

Report garbage storage related issue on private property

Report graffiti on private property

Report graffiti on a City road, sidewalk or bridge

Report an insect or pest infestation on private property

Report lack of maintenance or disrepair on private property

Report long grass or weeds on private property

Customers are asked to send a photo of the location with the long grass and weeds to: In the subject line of the email please include the title Long Grass/Weeds, the request reference number and the address of the property. When submitting a request online be sure to include a telephone number and email we can reach you at.

Report a residence with frequent garage sales

Report an issue with the registration and operation of a short-term rental property

If you are making a complaint about non-compliance with COVID-19 social gathering limits, please call 311. This will ensure that the issue is given the highest priority for investigation.

Report a temporary sign issue

Report waste or dumping on private property