Use this service to report noise from a pet or other domestic animal (for example bird, cat, dog, livestock). The noise is unwanted, excessive, persistent and long in duration (not a one time or occasional occurrence). You can call 311 at any time for help if you experience difficulties completing this request online.

What You Need

  • Provide a valid Toronto location
  • Provide the animal owner’s address
  • Provide a contact phone number
  • Provide an email address
To submit a service request you will need the latest version of Google Chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer are not supported. If you choose not to update or install Google Chrome you can submit your request by calling 311.

Service Request Eligibility

To be eligible for this service request, ensure the following criteria.

What is considered excessive animal noise?

Persistent barking, calling or whining by any pet or other domestic animal is prohibited at all times (not a one time/occasional occurrence).

What is a pet or domestic animal?

Companion bird, cat, dog, livestock (for example chicken, parrot, etc.)

Wildlife (coyote, fox, raccoons, skunks, etc.) is not considered a pet or domestic animal.

What is a valid address?

The address has to be the animal owner’s specific address and cannot be an intersection, school yard or park.

What is an animal care issue?

Animal care issue includes tethering in backyard, no food, water and cruelty. Contact 311 to report an animal care issue including injured wildlife.

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