Use this service to request to report sudden loss of pressure or low flow issues for all property types. You can call 311 at any time for help if you experience difficulties completing this request online.

What You Need

  • Provide a valid Toronto location
  • Provide a contact phone number
  • Provide an email address
  • Be available if an investigation at your property is required
  • An adult (over the age of 18) who own/lives at the property must be at the property for the investigation.
To submit a service request you will need the latest version of Google Chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer are not supported. If you choose not to update or install Google Chrome you can submit your request by calling 311.


Service Request Eligibility

To be eligible for this service request, ensure the following criteria.

What if I’m a tenant?

Contact the property manager, superintendent or owner. They may contact 311 to report the issue.

What if the problem is only in one tap?

If the problem is only in one tap, then it is probably not a problem with the City’s water service to the property. You may need to inspect the tap for blockages or contact a plumber.

What do I do if the pipes are frozen due to cold weather?

Learn more about frozen pipes including tips, precautions and steps to take if your pipes are frozen.

How do I check aerators for blockages?

Aerators restrict the flow of water from your tap without reducing water pressure. They can reduce the amount of water you use by more than 50 percent.

To check for blockages, unscrew and remove the aerator from your tap and then test the water flow.

Three types of aerators

Where is the stop/waste valve located?

The stop/waste valve is typically located in the basement, along the front wall and near the floor. Other common places include basement washroom and laundry rooms. If you have a water meter, the stop/waste valve should be on the attached pipe.

Water meter and stop/waste valve on the attached pipe


Ensure valve is open.

What types of activities can cut off the water service?

Water service may be interrupted by:

  • watermain breaks or burst pipes
  • construction activities such as watermain re-lining
  • a fire hydrant being used in the area

If you suspect one of these causes, you can call 311 to inquire.

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