The change management toolkit is comprised of specific change management tools that have been developed for you to use on your change project or program. These tools are based on leading practices and industry experience, and will provide you with a kick-start in initiating key change activities. The change management tools within the toolkit include how-to guides that provide guidance on why, what, how and when to use the specific tool. Each Change Management phase includes tools that have been developed to be used in a sequential order on any change initiative regardless of size. These tools will be posted on this website soon. In the meantime, to request the change management tools, please email

The Change Management Roadmap

The Change Management Roadmap depicts an end-to-end roadmap of activities and supporting tools designed to help deliver a successful change program. It consists of two views, the Activity View and the Tools View. The Activity View illustrates the activities necessary to navigate the people side of change for your project from beginning through sustainment. These activities should be considered for all change projects regardless of size, scope or complexity. The Tools View features the change management tools available to you for a successful end-to-end transformational change project. Assess your project needs and use the tools available to meet your specific change objective.

Change Management Phases/Tools

Scoping: Align Leadership
Aligning Leadership is the first phase of the Change Roadmap, and ensures a clear vision and support at the highest levels of leadership. Working with the Change Sponsor and other key Senior Leaders during this phase is critical for the success of the project, particularly in large projects and/or programs.

Planning: Engage Stakeholders
Engaging Stakeholders is a continuous activity that should be carried out throughout a project. Defining stakeholder needs and properly engaging them through specific engagement and communication activities will help move individuals to the appropriate level of commitment and gain buy-in for the change.

Implementing: Build Readiness
Building Readiness is focused on targeting readiness, identifying and managing resistance, building new skills and behaviours and executing the communications required for a successful Go-Live. This phase encompasses all critical pre-go-live activities, including training, and is crucial for successful deployment.

Sustaining: Support and Sustain
Supporting and Sustaining is a critical phase in the Change Roadmap as it ensures change sticks. It is focused on executing support and sustainability activities, assessing key metrics, learning and adjusting as necessary and aligning reward and recognition programs within the organization.