Temporary signs are signs that are not permanently attached or fixed to a structure or surface. The Signs Bylaw regulates the size and location of all temporary signs on private and public property. Some temporary signs require permits. To report a temporary sign without a permit, contact 311. 

Signs Requiring Permit

  • A-frame signs 
  • new development signs 
  • portable signs 
  • mobile signs

Signs Not Requiring Permit

  • contracted services signs
  • home builder identification signs
  • garage sale signs 
  • real estate signs 
  • open house directional signs 
  • advocacy signs
  • community, charitable organization, religious organization and school signs (except when in parks and recreation facilities) 

You will need to obtain a Temporary Sign Provider Licence if you provide signs for a business. 

A-Frame Signs

Rigid, free-standing movable signs.

New Development Signs

Used to promote new building developments.

Portable Signs

Rigid free-standing movable signs, such as T-Signs.

Mobile Signs

Used for advertising events, activities and promotions.

Signs Not Requiring a Permit

Signs that do not require a permit to display