Businesses that provide personal services that could pierce the skin are required to obtain a personal service setting licence.

Different types of personal service activities include:

  • Aesthetics – beautifying, cleaning, stimulating, hydrating or waxing the skin through the use of cleansers, antiseptics, lotions, exfoliants, masques, essential oils and hair removal waxes
  • Body piercing – piercing the skin with a needle or an ear-piercing device to insert jewellery
  • Electrolysis – removing hair through an electric current conducted through a needle inserted into a hair follicle
  • Hairstyling – cutting, shaving, styling or hair colouring, including facial hair
  • Manicures and pedicures – cosmetic treatment of nails and skin on hands and feet
  • Tattoo and micropigmentation – depositing pigments below the skin with needles