• Go paperless!
  • Receive email notifications of property tax and utility bills.
  • View current and past bills in a secure, online location.
All Toronto property owners, including those enroled in eBilling, will receive a paper copy of their 2023 interim property tax and/or their first 2023 utility bill by mail. An electronic version of this bill will become available to eBilling subscribers shortly.

Two Options for eBilling

Option 1: View & pay your bills on MyToronto Pay

  • Sign in or sign up for MyToronto Pay to enrol in eBilling
  • Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, debit and Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Manage payments for multiple City services from one secure profile. Learn more about MyToronto Pay

Go to MyToronto Pay

Option 2: View bills on toronto.ca

  • Use your property tax or utility account details to enrol in eBilling
  • Continue paying through your bank or mortgage company

Go to Property Tax Lookup


Coming soon, property tax and utility bills will be available to view, save or download for up to two years. Includes:

Property tax bills:

  • Interim (January)
  • Final (May)
  • Supplementary/Omitted Tax Bills (if applicable), billed monthly from June to December.

Utility bills

  • monthly and four-month billing cycles

Property tax statements and utility notices

Other notices and statements will be paper-based and mailed. Ensure your mailing address is up-to-date. Go to the Property Tax Lookup to update your mailing address for both your property tax and utility bill accounts.

Property identifiers can be found on your current property tax bill, property tax account statement, utility bill or utility bill overdue notice.

Property Tax:

Utility Bill:

Once your have enroled in eBilling, you will no longer receive a paper bill.

One subscriber per account can enrol to eBilling services, either through Property Tax/Utility Account Lookups or through MyToronto Pay. Once you have enroled in eBilling, you will no longer receive a paper bill.

Subscribers can unenrol from eBilling at any time. Bills will then be mailed to the last mailing address on your property tax/utility account.

A Duplicate Bill Fee will continue to be charged as an additional bill is mailed to the property owner.

All property tax and utility bill customers that are enroled in eBilling may continue to use any accepted payment options, for bill payment. MyToronto Pay provides additional payment options, including debit, credit card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Customers that are enroled in the Monthly Utility Billing Program must also be enroled in eBilling and in the Pre-Authorized Utility Bill Payment Program as a required condition.

When a property tax account is updated with new owner information, a Property Tax Account Statement is mailed out. The owner of a newly constructed property would receive either the Final Tax Bill or a Supplementary/Omitted Tax Bill.

These statements and bills contain the assessment roll number and customer number. Upon receipt of these statements or bills, the new owner may contact a customer service representative to obtain their utility account number.

When you enrol or change your email address, you will receive a verification email.

If you did not receive a verification email, go to your email and check your junk/spam folder. Alternatively, try enroling again in case of an error in entering your email address.

To ensure you receive your verification email, please add: ebillingtoronto@toronto.ca, to your address book.

If you are still experiencing problems, with enrolment:

To change your email address through the Property Tax/Utility Account Lookup.

  • Sign-in to the Lookups
  • Go to eBilling Preferences
  • Follow the instructional prompts
  • Receive email to verify your email within 30 minutes
  • Verify email
  • Receive confirmation

Note: if you have enroled to receive email notifications for both your property tax and utility bills through the City’s Lookups, you must update your email address in the Property Tax Lookup and/or Utility Account Lookup to update both billing profiles.

To change your email address through MyToronto Pay.

  • Sign-in to your account
  • Go to Your Profile
  • Follow the instructional prompts
  • Receive email to verify your email within 30 minutes
  • Verify email
  • Receive confirmation

Once you receive your confirmation email, all eBilling notifications will be sent to the new email address.

The Property Tax and Utility Account Lookups, along with MyToronto Pay, are secured web pages. When enroling in eBilling through these services, subscribers will receive a secure link to their eBills.

If for some reason your email notification could not get delivered (i.e. email address is invalid) your enrolment in eBilling will be cancelled. A notice will be mailed advising you to log-in to the Property Tax Lookup and/or Utility Account Lookup to retrieve your current bill. Action is required, penalties and fees resulting from late payment received will apply and cannot be waived.