You can now use the City’s new online portal to submit your application and to find out which rebate programs you are eligible for. The deadline to apply is October 31, 2023.

You may apply to the City Treasurer to request a cancellation or reduction of your property taxes.

Cancellation, Reduction or Refund of Taxes

If your property has changed during the year, such as a change in a property class, property damaged by fire, demolition or otherwise, or a building undergoing repairs or renovations, you may be eligible for a cancellation, reduction or refund of your property taxes.

Sickness or Extreme Poverty

The City offers tax assistance for homeowners who cannot pay property taxes because of sickness or extreme poverty.

Taxes Overcharged in Error

The City offers tax assistance if a taxpayer was overcharged taxes for up to two years prior to the current year due to a gross or manifest error that is clerical or factual in nature but not an error in judgment in assessing the property.

There are rebates available for commercial/industrial properties for applicants that qualify for one of our tax relief programs:

Property Tax, Water and Solid Waste Relief applicants can only submit applications for their principal residence. To verify, the City requires that applicants provide an unaltered copy of their Notice of Assessment (NOA) to establish eligibility for the City’s Property Tax, Water and Solid Waste Relief Programs.

Solid Waste Rebate Program

If you are a low-income senior or a low-income person living with a disability and using a garbage bin or single-family bag-only customer, you may qualify to receive a rebate on the solid waste portion of your utility bill.

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