Utility Bill Customers

You will receive an early payment discount if you pay your utility bill on or before the due date. If you do not pay your bill by the due date you will lose the discount. Early payment discount applies only to the water/sewer portion of your utility bill, solid waste charges/fees are not subject to discount.

You will receive an Overdue Notice requesting immediate payment.

You will receive a Transfer to Tax Notice requesting payment on or before 30 days from the notice of issuance. If remaining unpaid, the overdue amount will be added to your property tax account and a fee (overdue utility amounts added to the tax roll) will be applied.

A notice is issued to you advising that the past due amount, plus an applicable fee (overdue utility amounts added to the tax roll) has been added to your tax account.

Penalty and interest charges will be applied if the amount remains outstanding on the tax account.

If you are the designated utility bill recipient, note that all future utility bills and notices will be sent to the property owner.

Condo Unit Owners

If you own a condominium unit and the condominiums’ public utility account has not been paid in full, the City may take the following collection action(s) as per By-law No.1253-2012.

14 Days Past Due

28 Days Past Due

  • All condominium unit owners will receive a letter indicating the total utility bill’s past due balance for the condominium complex, requesting payment on or before 30 days from the date this notice is issued.
  • A fee (outstanding utility fees/charges for condo/management boards) will be added to the condominium utility account for each notice mailed to every individual condominium unit owner.
  • If the utility account is not paid by the condominium corporation and/or property manager within 30 days from the date this notice is issued, the overdue amount will be transferred to your individual property tax account, with a overdue utility amounts added to the tax roll fee.
  • The City recommends that you contact your condominium corporation/property manager to ensure payment is made.

58 Days Past the Original Due Date

  • You will receive a Property Tax Account Statement showing your share of the past due utility account balance, including a fee (overdue utility amounts added to the tax roll) added to your property tax account.
  • Your share of the utility bill charges will be calculated in the same manner as your share of the condominium’s common expenses.
  • If the outstanding balance is not paid on your tax account within 30 days from the date this statement is issued, further penalty, interest and fees will be applied.
  • If you are unable to make payment in full, contact a customer service representative to make a firm suitable payment arrangement.

The collection protocol for unpaid utility amounts is followed in accordance with Chapter 849-34.1 of the Toronto Municipal Code. Penalty and interest rates are set by City by-laws, pursuant to the City of Toronto Act, 2006.