City Council approved the installation of separated bicycle lanes (cycle tracks) on Willowdale Avenue (from Bishop Avenue to Empress Avenue) on July 16, 2019 (see  Agenda Item #IE6.12). Installation of the cycle tracks was completed in mid-fall 2019. Read the construction notice.

On April 6, 2022, City Council approved the extension of the cycle tracks on Willowdale Avenue (from Empress Avenue to Sheppard Avenue East) in coordination with the Sheppard Avenue East Road Resurfacing project (see Agenda Item #IE28.7).

For details of the planned design see the materials from the May 2019 public event: Willowdale Ave bike lanes – display boards.


separated bike lane on the road with flexi-posts
Example of a cycle track with flexi-posts separation

The separated bicycle lane (cycle track) is adjacent to the roadway but separated from vehicular traffic with a buffer and physical separation. It  provides dedicated space for cyclists, improving safety and comfort for all road users.

The cycle tracks expand the local cycling network by connecting to the existing Finch Hydro Corridor multi-use trail and future complete street on Sheppard Avenue East.

The cycle tracks between Bishop Avenue and Empress Avenue were installed as part of the road reconstruction, including replacement of damaged sections of curb and sidewalk to bring everything up to a standard state of good repair.

This work is part of the Council-approved 2019 Capital Works Program to renew aging city roads and sidewalks for current and future needs.

This design required the removal of dedicated left-turn lanes at Byng Avenue and Empress Avenue, although left turns are still allowed from the travel lane. Traffic is expected to continue to flow as it does now, with a few extra seconds delay at some intersections on occasion.

This design prohibits stopping or parking along this segment of Willowdale Avenue.

See further details in the materials provided under “Public Consultation”.

Other Safety Improvements and Changes

Pedestrian safety improvements were made in support of the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. Intersection corners were adjusted to reduce turning speeds and tactile walking surfaces were installed at road crossings to improve access for blind or low-sighted residents.

The existing TTC bus stops remain but the bus bays at the stops were removed. Additional street trees may be added, which is to be determined.

There were no changes or expected impacts to Wheel-Trans, emergency services, garbage pick-up or other City services as a result of this project.

Cycle Track Extension south to Sheppard Avenue East

In November 2022, the City extended the existing Willowdale Avenue cycle tracks south to just north of Sheppard Avenue East. The changes include:

  • Cycle tracks with painted buffers added on both sides of Willowdale Avenue between Empress Avenue and Maplehurst Avenue
  • Removal of left turn lanes at Spring Garden Avenue
  • Removal of all existing parking on both sides of Willowdale Avenue between Empress Avenue and Maplehurst Avenue
  • Removal of Toronto Parking Authority parking on the east side of Willowdale Avenue between Hollywood Avenue and Maplehurst Avenue
  • New on-street parking opportunities on the south side of Hollywood Avenue and the north side of Greenfield
A map of the existing cycle tracks on Willowdale Avenue
Willowdale Avenue cycle tracks from Bishop Avenue to Sheppard Avenue East

Starting July 29, 2019, traffic on Willowdale Avenue from Finch Avenue to Empress Avenue was reduced to one southbound lane for the duration of the road reconstruction. See further details:


On May 13, 2019, the City hosted a public drop-in event at Earl Haig Secondary School. Over 40 residents participated, where they viewed information materials, spoke with the project team, and provided feedback.

View the information materials presented at the event:

View the Willowdale Avenue Bike Lanes Public Consultation Summary Report. 

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