Road maintenance is essential in keeping the F.G. Gardiner Expressway in a state of good repair. The roadway is a key element of Toronto’s transportation system and allows people and goods to travel in and out of the city every day, stimulating economic growth and development.

The Gardiner Expressway has been in service for over 60 years. There is the potential for pieces of concrete from the underside of the structure to become loose. However, while these incidents are serious, it must be noted that they are in no way an indication that the expressway is not structurally sound.

After several concrete falls were recorded from the Gardiner Expressway in 2012, the City enhanced its inspection and controlled chipping program. The table below summarizes the calls received by the City every year since 2012 alerting of incidents of fallen concrete:

Year Calls Received Total
2018* 2 confirmed
7 unconfirmed
2017 0 confirmed
4 unconfirmed
2016 3 confirmed
9 unconfirmed
2015 6 confirmed
14 unconfirmed
2014 4 confirmed
15 unconfirmed
2013 5 confirmed
19 unconfirmed
2012 4 confirmed
5 unconfirmed

* As of December 6, 2018

Standardized visual inspections of the Gardiner Expressway are conducted every two years, in accordance with Provincial guidelines. The inspections assess the condition of the various components of the expressway.

In addition, up-close detailed inspections of the expressway are conducted twice per year, including the underside of the elevated portion and fascia (a concrete cover).

These inspections guide the City’s controlled chipping program where crews use equipment to remove potentially loose pieces of concrete cover from the sides or underside of the structure.

The City of Toronto performs regular spring or fall maintenance every couple years on the Gardiner Expressway. This maintenance typically involves a full or partial closure of the expressway over a weekend that allows City road crews, engineers and other stakeholders to make improvements and keep the through-way in a state of good repair.

The most recent maintenance weekend took place from November 2 to 4, 2018 and the work completed included:

  • 74,000 square metres of road-surface grinding
  • 19 lane-kilometres of the expressway paved with 7,500 tonnes of asphalt
  • 622 potholes filled
  • 56 traffic-monitoring loops installed
  • 335 metres of guiderail installed
  • 16,000 metres of line painting completed
  • 5 crash systems repaired or installed
  • 284 tonnes (84 loads) of debris removed
  • more than 100 curb-kilometres of roadway flushed and swept
  • 10 tonnes of litter collected
  • 850 catch basins cleaned and flushed
  • 68 overhead signs, inspected, maintained or repaired
  • more than 60 general traffic signs inspected and repaired
  • 11 ground-mount guide signs inspected and repaired
  • 8 concrete foundations constructed for future overhead sign support
  • 5 variable-message signs inspected and maintained
  • 9 “RESCU” cabinets and vehicle detection stations inspected, maintained or repaired
  • 35 square metres of graffiti removed
  • bridges inspected, and
  • street lights re-lamped and masting (erecting light poles) performed by Toronto Hydro.

View the 2018 Gardiner Maintenance Video.