The City is responsible for the maintenance and inspection of more than 900 roads, pedestrian bridges and structures, including the 510 bents of the F.G. Gardiner Expressway.

The City ensures that bridges meet today’s standards and remain safe for vehicles and pedestrians into the future. The purpose of the City’s maintenance and rehabilitation work is to restore and preserve the structural integrity of City-owned bridges, prolong their service life and ensure alignment to the current Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code. All City-owned bridges are inspected once every two years in accordance with the Provincial guidelines (Ontario Structure Inspection Manual). Based on the outcome of the inspection, condition and age of the bridge, bridge rehabilitate work is prioritized and planned as part of the 10-year Bridge Rehabilitation Program. Cycle A includes 279 and Cycle B includes 649 bridges and structures. Information about the condition of the City’s bridges is available through an online mapping tool.

The City manages the maintenance and inspection of three expressways: The F. G Gardiner Expressway, The Don Valley Parkway and the Allen Expressway. The sole purpose of an expressway is to move traffic, travel speeds vary between 80 – 100 km/h. Traffic volumes exceed 40,000 vehicles each day.