Residents can assist with this cleanup all year around by calling 311 to report any bike that appears abandoned on City property. If you suspect that your bicycle was removed by the City you can contact 311 to learn about the retrieval process. For more information on abandoned bicycles on City roads please visit the 311 Knowledge Base.

The abandoned bike cleanup is part of the City’s spring cleanup program Clean Toronto Together, a month-long litter removal program that includes City divisions cleaning streets, parks and watercourses along with community-led clean-ups taking place in public spaces.

If you no longer want your bicycle there are many organizations that can take bicycle donations:

  1. Bikes Without Borders
  2. Bike Chain
  3. Bike Pirates
  4. bikeSauce
  5. Charlie’s Freewheels
  6. Gateway Bike Hub
  7. Scarborough Cycles
  8. Regenesis (York University, U of T Scarborough, and Toronto Metropolitan University chapters)

If you represent a registered non-profit and wish to be added to this list please contact: