Construction of the Gardiner Section 2 from Dufferin Street to Strachan Avenue began in November 2023 and is anticipated to be completed mid-2027. 

About the Project

The F.G. Gardiner Expressway has been in service for more than 60 years and with the effects of weathering, salt and increasing traffic loads, it is approaching the end of its original design life. In order to maintain a safe roadway and ensure a state of good repair, a Strategic Rehabilitation Plan consisting of six complex projects was adopted by Toronto City Council in December 2016. Section 1 construction work was completed in 2021.   

The scope of work for Gardiner Section 2 involves replacing 700 metres of concrete deck and girders, rehabilitating the associated substructure and installing new street lighting. 

Map highlighting the construction zone of the Gardiner Expressway rehabilitation work between Dufferin Street and Strachan Avenue

Work Hours: Construction will take place primarily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Saturday, with occasional work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Scheduling may vary based on the nature of the work. 

Overnight Work: During overnight hours, various activities, including the shifting of traffic barriers between work stages and the delivery of materials, may take place intermittently. When structure work is required over the Exhibition GO Station, overnight construction work will be permitted when the station is not in operation in order to minimize impacts to transit users. During these times, construction impacts and noise levels are expected to be similar to daytime construction activities. 

Pedestrian Access: Pedestrian access on Manitoba Drive and through the Exhibition GO Station connecting Atlantic Avenue to Manitoba Drive will be maintained for the duration of the project with intermittent closures as required to allow for overhead work. This will take place during the night when the Exhibition GO Station is not in use, which typically begins half an hour after the last GO Train departs Exhibition GO Station and up to half an hour before the first GO Train arrives at Exhibition Station. During these times, signage will be posted.

A detailed congestion management plan will be used to address the impact of the Gardiner Expressway lane reductions and the other construction taking place downtown. Leveraging the Liberty Village Construction Hub, the plan will include traffic diversion, a coordinated signage plan, the use of traffic agents, automated congestion monitoring, signal timing adjustments, and public transit adjustments. 

Motorists are encouraged to plan their travel and consider public transit. 

Currently, planned travel impacts beginning in late March 2024 include: 

  • The Gardiner Expressway will be reduced to two lanes in each direction between Dufferin Street and Strachan Avenue, with intermittent, additional lane reductions as required. 
  • The eastbound on-ramp to the Gardiner Expressway from Lake Shore Boulevard east of Jameson Avenue will be closed during construction to help mitigate traffic merging and congestion approaching the work zone. 
  • Intermittent, additional lane closures will be required during the project. 

TTC Service Impacts 

  • When structural works are underway over the TTC Exhibition Loop, shuttle bus services will operate in place of streetcars within the loop to provide continuous transit access to the existing station stop. 
  • The project team is working collaboratively with the TTC and the contractor to explore construction methods to minimize disruption to TTC services. 
  • Updates regarding services changes or disruptions will be provided throughout construction. 

Metrolinx Service Impacts 

  • Pedestrian access at the Exhibition GO Station will be maintained during construction while GO trains are in service and during major events.
  • Overhead work above the pedestrian access tunnel will only take place overnight while GO trains are not in service. Close coordination will occur with Metrolinx. 


May 2024:

Prior to the commencement of demolition activities, extensive preparatory work was required. As the initial demolition will be on the south portion, work had to be completed to safely enable the relocation of traffic to the north side and prepare the structure for demolition. This included:

  • Removed the central median that divides eastbound and westbound lanes.
  • Removed street lighting within the median.
  • Removed asphalt.
  • Adjusted catch basins and installed temporary drainage systems.
  • Installed new subdrains, granular and concrete road base, and asphalt.
  • Installed new buried conduits for future street lighting along the median.
  • Installed temporary decking to protect Exhibition GO Station and the TTC Streetcar Loop from upcoming overhead demolition work
  • Structural support work to enable the demolition and reconstruction to occur in stages

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