Construction on the remaining road and streetscaping work on Harbour Street has been completed. This work included the installation of:

  • a new multi-use trail on the south side of Harbour Street between Lower Simcoe Street and Bay Street,
  • a permanent traffic control signal heads (lights), and permanent pavement markings,
  • a new curb and brick gutter on the north side of Harbour Street, between York Street to Bay Street, and permanent sidewalks.

Thank you for your patience during this construction. More information about the project and its history is available below.

Check out an animation of the traffic movements.

Project Overview

General background and overview of the ramp removal and Harbour Street improvements.

Work Area & Project Gallery

Map of construction area with a project gallery.

Construction & Traffic Updates

Construction schedule and traffic updates as we progress through the project.

Liaison Committee

The Construction Liaison Committee (CLC) is for project staff to establish and maintain communication with the local community throughout the project.