Reducing Traffic Congestion Parking Regulations Program

To improve traffic flow and compliance with the City’s parking regulation, the City of Toronto, in conjunction with the Toronto Police Services, have undertaken the following initiatives:

  • increased fines for unlawful stopping, standing, and parking on rush hour routes
  • towing habitual parking violation offenders when found parked illegally
  • ticketing for expired licence plate validation stickers

These initiatives took effect on January 23, 2014.

Traffic Flow Improvement Initiatives:

  • $150 fine will be issued for stopping, standing or parking a vehicle in any area with time restricted parking
  • $150 fine will be issued for stopping, standing or parking a vehicle in a bicycle lane.
  • The bylaw and increased fine applies to:
    • all streets where posted time restrictions apply
    • residential streets with school zones that prohibit parking between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.
    • Rush hours can be from 6-10 a.m. during morning rush hour and 3-7 p.m. during evening rush hour.

This also applies to couriers and delivery vehicles.

Habitual parking offenders will have their vehicle towed if found parked illegally. You will be considered a Habitual Parking Violation Offender if:

  • You are a motorist who has three or more outstanding parking violations, and;
  • You have not made payment, or requested a hearing with a Screening Officer or arranged a review with an Administrative Penalty Tribunal Hearing Officer on any of the three parking violations, and
  • More than 120 days have passed since your last qualifying parking violation.
  • As a Habitual Offender, your vehicle may be towed when found parked illegally on City streets.
  • You are not required to pay your parking violations to have your vehicle released from the storage pound, but you will have to pay the established towing and storage fees prior to release.
  • If your vehicles displays a disability permit, you are excluded from towing under the Habitual Offender Towing Initiative, however you will be subject to conventional collection including the use of collection agencies.
  • If your vehicle is towed, the Toronto Police Service Communications Centre at 416-808-2222 will direct you to the location of your impounded vehicle.
  • There is approximately a 30-day reconciliation window until the Ministry of Transportation reconciles with the City. Park carefully and observe compliance, especially after clearing up any fines in plate denial.

If your vehicle is displaying an expired licence plate validation sticker, a $40 parking violation will be issued.

  • It is illegal to park a vehicle on City roadways without valid licence plates properly displayed or affixed.
  • Fines for expired validation stickers will ensure vehicles on the road are safe, insured, have undergone emissions testing, and are registered with the Ministry of Transportation.
  • You are required to clear any outstanding parking fines in order to renew your licence plate validation sticker.
  • Two parking violations may be issued at the same time, if the driver/owner of a vehicle commits a parking violation while the vehicle is displaying expired licence plates.

Payment or Dispute

You can pay your violation or dispute your parking violation online or in-person.