Special event applications for 2022 are closed.


Nathan Phillips Square is located in front of Toronto City Hall. As it is a unique heritage site and major transit hub, the City of Toronto has established guidelines to ensure the safety of the general public and maintain the stature and historic integrity of the square.

For advice and guidance on planning your special event at Nathan Phillips Square, and your responsibilities as an event organizer, please contact Shalini Srivastava at BookingNPS@toronto.ca prior to submitting your event application.

Nathan Phillips Square is an event space and event permits are issued  for cultural events only.

Permits are not issued  for;

  1. Commercial events.
  2. Sampling activations.
  3. Demonstrations, protests, vigils and marches.

Applicants requesting permission to use Nathan Phillips Square to hold an event are required to meet all of the following criteria to have their application considered:

  1. Be a registered non-profit or charitable organization.
  2. Provide a service or benefit to residents of the city of Toronto.
  3. Have the event open to the general public and free of charge.
  4. Meet the requirements of the City of Toronto’s Human Rights and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy, Hate Activity Policy, Save and Hold Harmless Clause, and Consent to Release Personal Information.

Please note that Nathan Phillips Square calendar opens in October only for the following year.

Date requests are subject to review and space availability given the number of requests we receive annually.

We cannot guarantee dates for every request.

Please read the Event Manual before requesting dates for your event.

Once all the criteria is  met, the next step is to submit a Nathan Phillips Square Application.

Once your application is approved, a ‘Letter of Condition’ will be granted and you can begin planning your event and working with the Event Support Supervisor to coordinate your event production schedule.

Tentative booking of a specific date does not guarantee permission to hold your event.

If for any reason you need to cancel your event, a written ‘Notice of Cancellation’ must be sent to the Event Support Supervisor no later than 14 business days before your scheduled event.

Note: The event permit is for the use of Nathan Phillips Square only.


As a unique heritage building and major transit hub, guidelines have been put in place to ensure the safety of the general public and maintain the stature and historic integrity of the square.

Event Manual contains an overview of the above steps and guidelines/regulations applicants need to consider when planning an event.