Here is a list of upcoming events taking place in Nathan Phillips Square.

August (Wednesdays) Farmers’ Market
August (Wednesdays) Live in City Hall
August 3 to 4 Toronto International Youth Dance Festival
August 5 Taste of India
August 6 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day
August 10 to 12 Bollywood Film Fare Toronto
August 16 to 17 Manifesto
August 18 Salsa in the City Square
August 19 India Day
August 25 to 26 Mabuhay Philippines Festival

September (Wednesdays) Farmers’ Market
September (Wednesdays) Live in City Hall
September 1 Himalayan Festival
September 2 Toronto Summer Viet Festival
September 3 Labour Day Parade
September 7 to 8 One Walk to Conquer Cancer
September 11 Civic Run
September 13 COTAPSA Acaras Yoga for United Way
September 14 United Way Food Truck Frenzy
September 15 Mexican Independence Day
September 16 30th Annual AIDS Walk Toronto
September 18 to 24 Indigenous Container Film Project
September 29 to
October 8
Nuit Blanche

October 1 to 23 (Wednesdays) Farmers’ Market
October 1 to 26 (Wednesdays) Live in City Hall
October 9 to 11 Unveiling of Restoration of Identity
October 13 Rocket Ride 4 Rehab
October 18 Light the Night
October 21 Toronto Waterfront Marathon
October 26 Korean Week
October 27 Christian Music Festival

November 11 Remembrance Day parade
November 24 Cavalcade of Lights

December 1 to 23 Holiday Fair in the Square
December 31 New Year’s Eve