The First Parliament site is located in downtown Toronto at the intersection of Front and Parliament Streets. It is a full city block, bounded on the west by Berkeley Street and on the south by Parliament Square Park. The First Parliament site is almost as large as Nathan Phillips Square.

Located in the heart of the former Town of York, the First Parliament site and the area around it are historically significant, representing the industrial and commercial forces that helped shape the city. Following decades of demolition, the area has witnessed a rebirth as a mixed-use community. Many historic buildings have been converted into offices and studios, and former parking lots are rapidly being redeveloped for commercial and residential purposes. A new population of residents, office workers, and visitors are animating the streets and parks, and supporting a vibrant dining, retail and entertainment base.

Current Plans

While the heritage of the First Parliament site is understood, much planning and consultation needs to be undertaken to determine how exactly the site will be used.

The First Parliament site has the potential to host a variety of public uses. So far, Toronto City Council has only committed to build a new Toronto District Library on the site. A new library will replace or supplement the existing St. Lawrence Public Library Branch. The new library building will have a floor area of about 2,400 square meters (25,000 square feet). That amount of space represents only a portion of the First Parliament site.