The City of Toronto continues to implement programs to support its Net Zero Waste target by 2030 and its Net Zero Emissions target by 2040. The City is leading by example by reducing the environmental impact and operating costs of its corporate buildings.

Energy Management

The City has a number of programs and initiatives to reduce energy use in its facilities, improving energy resilience and managing costs.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies are required on City-owned buildings and facilities by 2020, where feasible, to support the City’s environmental, energy security, and economic goals.

Waste Management

Waste management initiatives at City-owned facilities divert waste from landfill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money.

Sustainable Fleet

Strategies for transitioning the City's fleet of motor vehicles and equipment to sustainable, climate resilient, low-carbon operations.

Sustainable City of Toronto Fleets Plan

Provides an overview of the City Fleets’ goal and objectives in addressing climate mitigation and adaptation with strategies for transitioning City Fleets to sustainable, climate resilient, net-zero operations.