In 2016, the City’s largest buildings diverted 90 per cent – 1,297 metric tonnes – of waste from landfill, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding landfill tipping fees of $129,700.

Our focus is on three key areas:

  1. Reduce and Reuse: Examples include reducing paper use and stationary orders. Vendors and contractors are also encouraged to submit invoices electronically.
  2. Diversion: In 2016, waste diversion rates in the City’s three largest corporate buildings ranged from 88% to 91%, far exceeding Council’s mandate of  70%.
  3. No Waste Recycling Program: Centrally located blue, green, grey and black bins are situated across the portfolio of corporate buildings to encourage waste reduction and diversion.

2016 Waste Diversion Rates at City Facilities

Waste audits in eight City-owned office buildings over 10,000 sq. metres, required under the Province of Ontario’s 3Rs Regulation 102/94, identified the following diversion rates:

Corporate Office Building Diversion Rate
City Hall, 100 Queen St. W. 91%
Metro Hall, 55 John St. 88%
703 Don Mills Rd. 88%
North York Civic Centre 82%
1530 Markham Road 82%
Scarborough Civic Centre 79%
277 Victoria St. 78%
Etobicoke Civic Centre 73%