In order to maintain Toronto’s high quality tap water, the City has a strict assurance program that includes regular sampling, testing and reporting. Details can be found in these reports submitted to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Drinking Water Quality Annual Analysis Summary Reports

2017 report2016 report

Provide a summary of the parameters found in Toronto’s drinking water, including several microbiological, operational, general physical and chemical, inorganic, organic and radiological parameters.

Drinking Water System Annual Reports

2017 report2016 report

Provide a brief description of each water treatment plant and the distribution system, including the list of treatment chemicals used, capital projects, summary of testing and any adverse results reported to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

Drinking Water System Summary Reports

2017 report l 2016 report

Provide information about Toronto’s water system, including accreditation, site inspections by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, compliance with all regulations and a summary of water produced at each filtration plant.

Drinking Water System Financial Plan


Provides information on the Toronto City Council-approved, five-year financial plan for Toronto’s Water System, including recommended service levels, performance measures, operating and capital budgets, water and wastewater rates and service fees, and related Council-decision documents.