Toronto residents and businesses are fortunate to have access to high quality tap water that is safe to drink and strictly regulated. Toronto Water collects, treats and distributes more than one billion litres of quality drinking water annually to Toronto as well as portions of southern York Region.

The water treatment and supply system is made up of four treatment plants, 18 pumping stations, four elevated storage tanks and 11 underground reservoirs, more than 6,000 kms of distribution watermains and much more. Customers that receive a utility bill can track their water use online at MyWaterToronto and get tips on how to save water.

The tables below provide a daily, monthly and year-to-date summary of drinking water consumed by residents and businesses.

Please Note: Totals may not add up due to rounding.

Daily Report

A megalitre (ML) is equal to one million litres. For example, 1,000 megalitres is equal to one billion litres.

Daily Water Consumption:
Total Water Consumption for
% Water Consumption for

Monthly Report

Monthly Water Consumption as of
January February March April May June July August September October November December

Year-to-Date Report

Year-to-Date Water Consumption as of
System Total (ML) Average day (ML) Max (ML) Max Consumption Date
City of Toronto
Southern York Region
System Total