Is this an emergency leak or pipe burst? Learn what to do.


Property owners can request to turn the City’s water supply on or off for the following reasons:

  • To complete repairs or renovate a home or building.
  • To conduct work on a sprinkler system.
  • If they are going on an extended vacation.

The City will not turn off the water for landlord or tenant disputes.

Note: Water meters are property of the City of Toronto and should only be removed by City staff. See how to request meter removal in advance of construction or demolition.

Property owners will be charged a fee for both water turn on and water turn off:

  • The fee is determined by Council on an annual basis. See the current fee.
  • Charges will be added to the utility bill.

Important notes

  • The turn on fee will be waived if water turn on or turn off requests are made within 30 minutes of each other and staff have not left the property.
  • Property owners will not be required to pay the fee if the water is turned off to fix a leak on City property.
  • When installing a new water service pipe:
    • If staff turn the water on immediately after the new pipe is connected to the City’s water supply, property owners will not be charged the water turn on fee.
    • Should you request the water supply remain off until a later date, you will be charged the turn on fee for staff to return to the home.

A request can be made online or by calling 311.

  • Toronto Water staff will arrive within eight hours and¬†someone must be home to complete the request.
  • Appointments for a specific day and time cannot be made.
  • If a contractor is making the request, the contractor must notify the homeowner first.

  • You can pay to have the City turn off the curb stop at your property line, which will stop water from entering your private property. This helps protect the pipes inside and outside of your home from leaks or bursts while you are away.
  • You will need to call 311 or submit an online service request to have the water turned back on when you return.
  • The fees to have the water turned off and on will be added to your utility bill.