If you are a tenant in a multi-residential building, please report this to your landlord or superintendent.

Before You Submit a Service Request

There can be many reasons for no water or low water pressure. Please check the following before you submit a service request.

1. No Water or Lower Water Pressure to Only One Tap or Section of Your Building

  • This indicates a private plumbing issue and you may wish to contact a plumber.

2. Ensure the Main Water Shut Off Valve (Stop & Waste Valve) is Open

  • The main water shut off valve is part of your private plumbing system and must be open in order for water to run through your pipes.
  • The valve is typically located in the basement on the foundation wall, where the drinking water pipe enters the home, just before the water meter.

3. Check that the Aerators on Your Tap are not Clogged

  • Aerators are the screens that are on each tap. If you have recently completed construction on your pipes, the screens can get clogged with dirt.
  • Remove the screens, rinse them and put them back on.

4. Check that Your Pipes are not Frozen

5. Check if there is Construction in Your Area

  • No water or low water pressure can be the result of construction in your area.
  • Check to see if you received a recent construction notice about planned work.
  • If you did not, it may still be the result of an emergency watermain break, or work on a nearby fire hydrant. You may wish to check with your neighbour(s). If more than one person has no water or low water pressure, this is a good indication that crews are onsite conducting repairs.

If You have Checked the Above & Wish to Submit a Service Request