What makes Toronto different is what I’ll call that ‘masala’ – that mix of people from all walks of life from all over the world who’ve chosen to make Toronto their home. And from that you have a fusion of everything. You have a fusion of business, arts and culture and food, and it’s that excitement that makes Toronto so different and special.
Rahul K. Bhardwaj, President & CEO, Institute of Corporate Directors

Situated on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto has more than 1,600 public parks and 600 km of trails, many of which lie within a lush, green ravine system and along the shoreline. The Toronto Islands offer a relaxing getaway with more parkland and beaches in a unique car-free community, just a short ferry ride from downtown.

The city is known for its array of distinctive and dynamic neighbourhoods and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. Nightlife in Toronto isn’t limited to nightclubs; the range of choices spans wine bars, microbreweries, and venues for live music and cultural experiences that reflect the extensive diversity of its population.

Toronto foodies enjoy the best in global cuisine with top-tiered restaurants and internationally renowned chefs alongside trendy markets and food trucks. The city’s retail scene offers both global and local brands, as well as crafty local markets and specialty boutiques.

Toronto is a major league city – home to six major professional sports teams and thousands of adoring fans. The mesh of performing and visual arts, music, sporting events, and cultural festivals creates a palpable energy that ripples throughout the city.

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