If you come to our studio and take a look at the people sitting around the table discussing ideas, they’re from almost every part of the world. I think it has really helped Umbra create an international style.
Paul Rowan, Co-Founder and VP Inspiration, Umbra

Every day, people from around the world are converging in Toronto; tens of thousands choose this city as their new home each year. Toronto’s numerous and reputable academic institutions are international hubs of research and higher learning, attracting thousands of international students annually. Canada ranks among the top of OECD countries for completed post-secondary education and Toronto residents have higher levels of educational attainment than other Canadians.

Toronto’s deep, diverse and globally connected talent pool of skilled, highly-educated and culturally savvy individuals is the driving force behind its economic prosperity and innovation.

Diversity truly is Toronto’s strength, making the city a dynamic, progressive and welcoming place to work and live.

Toronto Demographics Portal

The City produces many sources of data about Toronto’s communities including information from a variety of sources on population groups, housing characteristics, languages, income and more.

Learn more about Toronto’s Demographics.

Facts & Figures

Fifty-one per cent of Toronto’s residents were born outside Canada and over 150 languages and dialects are spoken here
– National Household Survey (NHS), 2011

Eighth most popular destination for global talent – ahead of San Francisco, Tokyo, Munich and Copenhagen
– Boston Consulting Group, 2014