Did you know? One of every three bites of food is due to pollinators. Pollinators perform a vital function that allows plants to produce seeds, fruit and new plants. Without pollinators, our food supply and our natural landscapes would be at risk.

Pollinators are in serious decline due to habitat loss, climate change and other stressors. They need our help. That’s why the City of Toronto offers community grants – to support the creation of pollinator habitat in our city. Through the first round of grants, Torontonians are set to create more than 9,500 square meters of new pollinator gardens. It’s a great start.

Our goal is to provide 20 community grants of up to $5,000 each, every year.

Your support will provide the native plant material needed to create pollinator habitat, and help community groups engage and educate Toronto residents about pollinators through workshops, tours, videos, seed exchanges, planting days, Indigenous knowledge sharing, senior and youth programming, newcomer education, interpretive art, citizen science and more!

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