The federal government’s Cannabis Act essentially bans all cannabis and related companies (whether they be producers, distributors, accessory providers, etc.) from sponsoring persons, entities, events, activities or facilities. Furthermore, such companies are banned from displaying their names on any sports or cultural venues.

The statute generally mirrors the federal Tobacco Act which largely restricts the promotion of tobacco products. Like the Tobacco Act, the Cannabis Act prohibits promotion by means of a testimonial or endorsement, false or misleading advertising, sponsorship promotion, lifestyle advertising (which evokes images of glamour, excitement and risk) and advertising appealing to young people.

Accordingly, in line with the legislation, City Divisions and Agencies will not entertain any advertising or sponsorship proposals (including offers to raise awareness or educate the public about cannabis) from any cannabis or cannabis-related businesses for any City-owned property, space or asset (including parks, squares, community centres, events, etc.).