Toronto Lobbyist Registrar

Interpretation and Advisory Bulletins

Interpretation and Advisory Bulletins published by the Toronto Lobbyist Registrar.

Lobbying By-law

This provides details about Chapter 140 of the Toronto Municipal Code which covers lobbying activities with the city.

Lobbyists' Code of Conduct

Before lobbying any public office holders of the City of Toronto, please read the provisions set out in the Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct.

Enforcement of Lobbying By-law

A request for an inquiry about compliance with the registry system or Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct may be made by City Council, a member of Council or a member of the public.

Protocol on Unsolicited Written and Electronic Communications

This clarifies the obligations of members of council (or their staff acting on their behalf) when they receive unsolicited written or electronic communications.

Legislation and All Applicable Authorities

The governance and policy framework for the Lobbyist Registrar was legislated in the City of Toronto Act and the Toronto Municipal Code.