Toronto Lobbyist Registrar

The Lobbying By-law: Chapter 140 of the Toronto Municipal Code

The following principles apply to the regulation of lobbying the City government’s public office holders:

  1. The City government’s duty to make decisions in the public interest should not be impeded;
  2. Open and unfettered access to City government is a vital aspect of local democracy;
  3. Lobbying public office holders is a legitimate activity;
  4. Public office holders and the public should be able to know who is attempting to influence City government;
  5. Public disclosure of lobbying activity and standards of conduct for lobbyists are important to the integrity of City government decision-making; and
  6. A system for the registration of lobbying activity and the regulation of the conduct of lobbyists should not impede access to the City government.

The Lobbying By-law: Chapter 140 of the Toronto Municipal Code came into force on January 1, 2007.

In this website, we refer to Chapter 140, Lobbying, of the Municipal Code as the “Lobbying By-law” or the “By-law”. Much of this website explains the provisions set out in the Lobbying By-law but it’s the By-law itself that governs lobbying activities. (The Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct is part of the By-Law.)