Shelter, Support and Housing Administration has been renamed Toronto Shelter and Support Services (TSSS) to better reflect its role as the shelter service system manager in Toronto.

The mission of TSSS is to oversee and coordinate shelter, support services and outreach to connect people experiencing homelessness with housing.

Our Commitment

You can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and to receive professional, prompt and polite service. Abuse, threats, racist statements, etc. will not be tolerated. We will attempt to resolve all complaints but cannot guarantee all complainants will be satisfied with the resolution.

We commit to:

  • Acknowledging all complaints within two business days
  • Fair and respectful follow-up and investigations
  • Providing a clear rationale for all decisions
  • Updating you as the investigation progresses if the investigation takes longer than expected
  • Explaining your options if you are dissatisfied with how your complaint was handled

Get information on how to submit a complaint or compliment to TSSS.