Toronto Shelter and Support Services’ (TSSS) top priority is to ensure that those experiencing homelessness have access to temporary accommodation when they need it, as well as wrap-around and housing-focused supports to help ensure homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring. To do that, the Division works with community partners and stakeholders to deliver person-centered, outcome-focused services to help improve the overall well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness. We are committed to delivering high quality, safe and accessible services.

We appreciate that the community is very interested in homelessness services and have questions and concerns. We welcome compliments, complaints and feedback and are available to respond to questions and concerns. However, please note that communications should be respectful. The City is an inclusive public organization. Racist or other forms of prejudicial, derogatory, or discriminatory comments and questions, including name calling, will not be tolerated.

Compliments are always welcome and will be forwarded to the appropriate Supervisor to help us celebrate our staff.

Tell us about your customer experience by completing our Compliments, Complaints and Appeals form and sending it to for the following services:

  • Central Intake
  • Drop-in services
  • Encampments
  • Shelters/Respites
  • Street Outreach/Streets to Homes

Contact information is not required to submit a compliment. Unless otherwise requested, compliments will not be replied to but will be forwarded to relevant staff and shared with the appropriate management staff.

For complaints or appeals about:

  • Central Intake
  • Drop-in services
  • Encampments
  • Shelters/Respites
  • Street Outreach/Streets to Homes

Follow these steps:

  1. If you encounter an issue, please speak to the service provider directly.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome or how your complaint was handled by the service provider, contact Toronto Shelter and Support Services by completing the Compliments, Complaints, and Appeals form.
  3. TSSS staff will follow up with you after receiving your complaint.

Contact information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 416-392-8741

Additional Information

Ask a shelter staff to explain how to make a complaint at your shelter or ask for a copy of the shelter’s complaints policy or process.

  1. Prepare Your Complaint: Document your thoughts or complaint so that you don’t forget important details. Explain who was involved, what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and how it happened. Be specific about how you want to resolve the problem.
  2. Make Your Complaint: Follow your shelter’s complaints process and try to resolve your complaint with the help of shelter staff – most complaints can be resolved this way. You may be asked to fill out a complaint form. If you need assistance completing any forms, ask shelter staff for help.
  3. Follow up: Once you’ve made your complaint, ask when and how your complaint will be dealt with. If you are not satisfied with how your complaint was addressed by the shelter, escalate your complaint to a supervisory or management staff at the shelter.
  4. Appeals: If you are not satisfied with how the complaint was addressed at the shelter, contact TSSS at 416-392-8741 or by email at
  5. If after following the TSSS escalation and appeals process, you are unsatisfied with how TSSS has resolved your complaint: You can contact the Ombudsman Toronto.


  • Keep a list of names of the people you have dealt with, if possible
  • Track the dates of your contact with the shelter
  • Keep all documents relating to your complaint
  • Please make your complaints in a respectful manner

TSSS is committed to ensuring that all complaints are responded to in a courteous, fair and timely manner and will take appropriate action, as required. All TSSS units adhere to the following principles when dealing with a complaint:

  • Complainants will be heard, understood and respected.
  • The investigation will be conducted in a fair, impartial manner.
  • Complainants will be provided clear and understandable reasons for how decisions or resolutions are made.
  • Complaints involving staff conduct will be investigated and you will be informed when it is resolved, however, no disciplinary information can be shared.
  • TSSS has a 30-day resolution time standard for complaints, appeals, and service requests and every effort will be made to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, however, there may be situations where there are extenuating circumstances and these standards cannot be satisfied. If adjustments to the timelines are needed, we will let you know and explain why.
  • Complainants are advised of their option to appeal a decision if they are dissatisfied with the treatment or outcome.

If your complaint involves another division or social agency, we will let you know where to direct your complaint.

Toronto Shelter and Support Services staff review all compliments and complaints. Toronto Shelter and Support Services collects personal information for the purpose of complaint investigation under legal authority of the City of Toronto Act, 2006, section 136(c), and the City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 169, Officials, City, Article 1, City Manager, sections 169-1, 169-2 and 169-4. When investigating a complaint, the circumstances may indirectly identify you, even if submitted anonymously. Complaints will be dealt with in a confidential manner according to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). Information submitted to TSSS will be collected, used, and disclosed for the purpose of investigating complaints in accordance with MFIPPA.

Email is not a secure means of transmission. Do not submit attachments or additional personal information.