Customer service excellence is the cornerstone of our work at Toronto Employment & Social Services (TESS).

Every interaction we have with Toronto residents and employers is an opportunity for us to leave a great impression, and an opportunity for us to shape a positive view of the Toronto Public Service.

We encourage you to take a moment to let us know when you’ve had an excellent customer service experience.

You can send your comments to the manager of your local Employment & Social Services office or you can contact our Client Services & Information Unit at 416-338-8888 (select option 3, choose English or French, and select option 5.)

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing service. I am very glad to get back on my feet after such a long period of unemployment & health problems. I can now rejoin life with a new job and a new positive perspective.

Thank you so much for your help and support for the entire time I needed the services…

Thank you for taking the time to help me during my financial and emotional ups and downs… have been such an amazing help to me, you offer such wonderful support.

I believe that in addition to my perseverance and dedication to the job search process, I could not have reached my goals without working with and talking to both of these awesome staff!

I’ve come from a place of hopelessness to success.

Toronto Employment & Social Services has a complaint procedure in place to address concerns about service and staff conduct, as well as to handle complaints from people dissatisfied with the management of their Ontario Works file.

If you have a complaint, you should first speak directly with management staff at your local Employment & Social Services office, either in person or by telephone. Most complaints received this way are quickly resolved. Your office will attempt to resolve your complaint within 24 hours unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Complaints can also be made by contacting the Client Services & Information Unit by phone, or in writing, by mail or fax. Written complaints will be responded to in writing within five business days. Please note that messages sent by mail to your local office or through MyBenefits are received by your caseworker. If a complaint is included in your message, it will be escalated to management.

Complaints are reviewed promptly and every effort is made to resolve them as quickly as possible. We monitor complaints and use them to assess and improve quality of service.

Please be sure to provide the following information when making a complaint:

  • your name and Member ID
  • your address and telephone number
  • details of your complaint, including the time and place
  • name(s) of staff involved and their office location

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled, you can contact the Client Services & Information Unit for further assistance. All complaints received are formally recorded and reviewed by management staff. The information you provide will be used to investigate the complaint. You may be contacted by phone for more information. All complaints received are assigned a tracking number for reference purposes.

What to expect during the complaints process

  • Each complaint is considered on its own merits.
  • You will be kept informed during the complaint process and advised when your complaint is escalated.
  • You will be informed when a decision is made and provided with an explanation for the decision.
  • Complaints involving staff conduct will be investigated and you will be informed when it is resolved, however, no disciplinary information can be shared.
  • Complaints will be resolved as quickly as possible, however, there may be situations where there are extenuating circumstances and these standards cannot be satisfied. If adjustments to the timelines are needed, we will let you know and explain why.
  • If you are making a verbal complaint, you may be asked to put your complaint in writing, especially if it involves a serious or complex matter.

If your complaint involves another division or social agency, we will let you know where to direct your complaint.

Unsatisfied with the outcome?

Contact the General Manager’s Office at 416-397-9682. Your call will be directed to management staff from the Client Services and Information Unit for another review.

If you are still not satisfied, you may contact Ombudsman Toronto.