In December of 2013 City Council adopted an amendment to the City of Toronto Official Plan which directed City staff to undertake a study of the Dupont Street corridor for lands in Wards 19 and 20. The study looked at the following: appropriate land uses, potential streetscape improvements, urban design and built form guidelines, transportation options, the function and design of Dupont Street, the impact of the rail corridor on potential development options and the possibility of utilizing a development permit system.

Study Outcome

City Council adopted the staff recommendations at its meeting on August 25, 2014 through item PG35.6 – Dupont Street Regeneration Area Study – Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment – Final Report. The implementing Zoning By-law 1011-2014 and Site and Area Specific Policy (OPA 271) were subsequently appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. In June of 2015, the OMB issued a decision to consolidate the appeals for OPA 271, Zoning By-law 1011-2014, and appeals for several site-specific development applications within the study area into one proceeding.

A tentative settlement was reached though mediation and City Council voted to endorse this settlement in March 2016.  A settlement hearing was completed in May of 2016 at the Ontario Municipal Board.

The OMB issued a decision on January 20, 2017 approving OPA 271 and Zoning By-law 1011-2014.  On February 1, 2017, the OMB issued a decision approving the site-specific Official Plan amendment and Zoning By-law amendment applications for the sites at 275 Albany Avenue & 420 Dupont Street, 500 Dupont Street, 740 Dupont Street, and 840-860 Dupont Street. These OMB decisions can be viewed below:

Study Area

Dupont Corridor Study Area