COVID-19 information for seniors can be found on COVID-19: Seniors & Vulnerable People.

All Torontonians benefit from the energy and lived experience that seniors bring to the city’s diverse communities and neighbourhoods.

Adults aged 65+ make up 15.6 per cent of Toronto’s population and this number is expected to grow to 21.2 per cent by 2041. This means that there are now more seniors in Toronto than children under the age of 15.

Health Services

Find in-home care, supportive housing and other specialized health supports.

Recreation & Employment

Take part in recreation programs, volunteer or find employment.

Housing Services

Learn about long-term care homes, affordable housing and home maintenance programs.

Road Safety & Transit

Get around the city using the TTC, Wheel-Trans and other safe mobility programs.

Continuous Learning

Take part in various training programs and learn about how the City supports seniors.