At this time, the risk of monkeypox to children in Toronto is low. Learn more about monkeypox, including how to spot the differences between monkeypox, chickenpox and hand, foot & mouth disease. Use Toronto Public Health’s guidance to develop infection prevention and control (IPAC) measures that reduce the spread of COVID-19.


The following resources cover important infection control topics that are relevant to all childcare, day nursery and daycare centres in the City of Toronto. This information is based on Toronto Public Health’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) in Child Care Centres Requirements and Best Practices document.

Administrative Health Policies & Procedures

Information to assist with the development of IPAC policies and procedures.

Infection Prevention & Control Measures

Information that outlines procedures and actions to assist operators.

Information Sheets

Infection Prevention and Control fact sheets and posters for child care centres.

Management of Gastrointestinal Outbreaks

Forms to assist with outbreak reporting, monitoring and management.

Guidelines for Common Communicable Diseases

List of common communicable diseases.

Immunizations for Staff and Children

Know what vaccines are required for children and child care centre staff.

Tuberculosis Screening

Information regarding tuberculosis screening for staff.

Supporting Agencies Roles & Responsibilities

Information on the agencies that support child care in the City of Toronto.