The Ministry of Education license application process for licensed child care centres and prospective licensees may require the submission of floor plans to Toronto Public Health for review.

For more information about the license application process please review the following:

Prior to planning a new child care centre or modifying an existing child care centre, review the following:

Submitting Floor Plans

Submit floor plans for the child care centre using Toronto Public Health’s online submission form.

Floor plans should include:

  • The date
  • Name and address of the centre
  • Legend and scale of the centre

Submit a Floor Plan for Review

Floor Plan Review Process

A public health inspector will review the floor plans to ensure that design supports infection prevention and control (IPAC) and food safety practices at the child care centre. Toronto Public Health reviews floor plans for the following criteria:

  • Rooms designated for infant, toddler or pre-school ages include an IPAC sink designated only for handwashing.
  • Diaper change areas inside a room must have a separate, designated hand washing sink adjacent to a diaper change table. This sink must be spatially separated from the IPAC sink.
  • Diaper change areas must be separated from food preparation/storage areas and away from other programming areas.
  • Diaper change areas should be oriented in a manner that allows for supervision, ensures safety and supports IPAC practices.
  • Areas designated for toileting must be enclosed and separate from other areas such as food preparation/storage and programming areas. Hand washing sinks must be installed.
    • Surfaces in the toileting/diapering areas must be smooth and non-porous.
  • Facilities for the cleaning and disinfection of toys and other items must be equipped with one of the following:
    • Two-compartment sink
    • Three-compartment sink
    • Commercial dishwasher
  • Dedicated space for storage of items such as toys, indoor play materials, equipment, cots and personal belongings of children.
  • Dedicated and secure storage space for medications/medical supplies, cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • Laundry area must be separate from any areas used for food preparation/storage.
    • Consider installing a hand washing and utility sink in the laundry area.
  • Child care centre kitchens are subject to all applicable food safety requirements determined by Ontario Regulation 493/17 Food Premises.
  • Existing child care centres will be required to adhere with the above mentioned criteria (e.g., IPAC sinks) prior to receiving Toronto Public Health floor plan approval for any new licensing amendments
  • For more information contact Toronto Public Health and ask to speak with a public health inspector.