Front entrance of 76 Church StreetLocation: 76 Church Street
Client group:
Male and male identified adults
Maximum number of beds: 67
Opened: 2020
Service operator: City of Toronto

The temporary shelter at 76 Church Street provides approximately 55 beds relocated from Seaton House as part of the George Street Revitalization. The shelter is operated by the City of Toronto and supports people experiencing homelessness to stabilize their lives, improve life skills, address needs and goals identified by clients, and move toward securing permanent housing and independence.

Community Engagement

A community engagement plan was developed for 76 Church Street. Engagement activities included opportunities to speak to staff about the service, identify and address issues, and supporting the success of the service in the community.

Virtual Information Session

Thank you to everyone who participated in and watched the 76 Church Information Session on May 3, 2021. Below is the presentation slide deck and link to the meeting recording.

Additional information about the City of Toronto’s approach to working with the community is available on our community shelter integration web page.

As a result of COVID-19 and the City of Toronto’s state of emergency, the City experienced an unprecedented demand for new shelter locations that provide physical distancing to residents from pre-existing shelters, 24-hour respites and drop-ins.

This site was selected in April 2020 as part of the City’s response to COVID-19, and has been operating since May as a 55-bed, 24-hour shelter serving male clients. The beds on-site represent shifted capacity from Seaton House to meet Toronto Public Health physical distancing guidelines.

In February 2021, the lease at 76 Church Street was extended for five years so that the site can remain open and continue to provide shelter service for residents of Seaton House until the George Street Revitalization project is complete which is planned for 2026.

The City of Toronto is committed to ensuring appropriate solutions are in place to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness in neighbourhoods throughout the city. To better understand the needs for shelter for people experiencing homelessness, see the Street Needs Assessment.

When the City seeks locations for new shelter services, it considers various factors, including the need in the community, the proximity to services and public transit, and the size of the space. The building at 76 Church Street meets the required criteria and is appropriately zoned for use as a municipal shelter.

The City of Toronto is facing an unprecedented number of people experiencing homelessness. The existing shelter system is at capacity and more services are needed.

This project is part of the George Street Revitalization (GSR) project that will see the closure and redevelopment of Seaton House which is the largest men’s shelter in Toronto. Seaton House and adjacent properties will be transformed into a shared, purpose built facility providing specialized care for vulnerable populations, including a long-term care home, a transitional living facility, an emergency shelter, affordable housing, and a community hub serving residents of both the site and the local neighbourhood.

Replacement sites, including 76 Church Street, are being opened across the City to support the GSR as a resource for men experiencing homelessness.