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The Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB)

The Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) is a funding program administered by the Province of Ontario that started on April 1, 2020. The program started its fourth year on April 1, 2023. The City of Toronto’s current COHB allocation for Year 4 has been fully allocated and the program is now temporarily closed.

For information about other housing benefits and supports, please visit the City’s Subsidized Housing and Housing Benefits website.

For households receiving COHB, call the Ontario’s Ministry of Finance if you have questions about your benefit or to provide updated household information.

1 800 263-7776 (TTY)

All households currently receiving COHB must complete an Annual Renewal each year to ensure continuation of their COHB benefits.

There are two steps to completing the Annual Renewal process:

  1. Submission of Renewal Forms

Every May, program participants are sent an Annual Renewal Application form by email or mail. Eligibility and the COHB benefit amounts are re-assessed yearly during this renewal process.

The Annual Renewal form requires households to review all pre-printed information and to report any changes to their household composition, address, rental amount and income.

Renewal forms must be submitted to the Province by June 30. Paper renewal forms should be mailed to:

Portable Housing Benefit
33 King St W, PO Box 628
Oshawa ON L1H 8J6

Recipients may lose eligibility for the COHB if they fail to submit a renewal application by the deadline.

  1. Completion of Federal Income Tax return

All members of the household over 17 must file a federal income tax return for the most recent year.

If household members have not filed their 2023 income taxes yet, this should be done immediately to ensure they continue to receive the COHB.

The following resources can be used to locate and schedule an appointment to complete income tax returns.

Applicants who do not return their annual renewal application and complete their income tax by the final September 1 deadline will no longer be eligible to receive assistance through the COHB program. Reinstatement into the program is not permitted, as per Provincial program guidelines.

Please contact the Province at 1-888-544-5101:

  • if a renewal form was not received
  • if you have questions about your benefit
  • to provide updated household information

This City of Toronto  COHB Calculator may be used  to assist households eligible for COHB to estimate their expected benefit.