If you have an existing RGI application, sign up for your MyAccesstoHousingTO online account. Through your online account, you can manage your application for Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) housing and receive important information and notifications.  If you need assistance with signing up, go to Help for RGI Applicants.

All applicants have been sent a registration letter in the mail to the address they provided along with their existing application. If you are an applicant and have not received this information, call the Application Support Center at 416-338-8888 or book an appointment for in-person assistance.

You must keep your application up to date, including your contact information and required documents, to maintain your eligibility and ensure housing providers are able to reach you at the time of offer. If you do not keep your application up to date, it could result in a housing offer being counted as a refusal or your file being cancelled.

The City of Toronto may use the information from your application to identify other housing benefits for which you may be eligible.

On an annual basis, to maintain your place on the Centralized Waiting List (CWL), you must: 

  1. Log into your MyAccesstoHousingTO account.
  2. Upload the most recent years Notice of Assessment (NOA) for every member of your household 16 and over or proof of their status as a full-time student. Eligible Special Priority Program applicants, those with approved priority access based on currently experiencing homelessness and newcomer applicants on the CWL for less than one year are not required to provide their NOA for the previous year.
  3. Review the information on your application to ensure it is correct.
  4. Ensure all household members 16 years of age and older sign the Consent and Declaration forms and upload them to your account.


Applicants do not have to complete the 2023 Annual Review process and will maintain their eligibility on the CWL if they:

  • have approved Special Priority Program status
  • have approved priority access based on currently experiencing homelessness
  • are Overhoused, that is, there are too few tenants for the size of unit due to a change in household size

Household members 16 years and older are required to submit the most recent Notice of Assessment. The Notice of Assessment must include:  

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Line 23600 

Sample Notice of Assessment (NOA)

Full time students must provide proof of their status as follows:  

  • for secondary school, one of the following: 
    • a letter from the principal or registrar  
    • a certified timetable  
  • for post-secondary institutions, one of the following: 
    • a document from a funding agency that outlines the name of the educational institution and the number of courses the student is taking  
    • a confirmation of enrolment prepared by an educational institution 
    • a receipt from the educational institution showing the tuition fees paid