The City of Toronto recognizes the right to stable, adequate and affordable housing for all individuals, especially for those with terminal illness at end of life. To support the housing needs of clients with terminal illness, the City provides a higher ranking on the chronological waitlist to eligible clients who are terminally ill and have less than two years to live.

In order to qualify under this category, you must:

  • be eligible for Rent-Geared-to-Income assistance
  • be in care of a physician who is able to provide a diagnosis for the terminal illness and confirm your life expectancy as less than two years

To apply, you must complete and submit a Request for Priority for Terminally Ill Applicants. There is a section on the application for your physician to complete and sign. Please ensure you upload the completed form to your MyAccesstoHousingTO account.

Access to Housing will review the application and determine eligibility for the program. All applicants will be notified in writing. For those accepted into the program, their date on the waiting list will be reflective of the date all required documents were received to determine eligibility for the program.