Neighbourhood Improvement Areas:

  • #24 Black Creek
  • #25 Glenfield Jane Heights

Councillor & Ward:

Ward 7, Humber River-Black Creek

2018-2019 Priority Actions:

  • Participation in Decision Making: Outreached to and engaged with diverse residents from across Black Creek and Glenfield Jane Heights Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, and brought them into the planning table process
  • Social Development:
    • Facilitated the recognition of the leadership and volunteer contributions of residents in the Jane Finch community
    • Offered capacity building workshops for Residents
    • Empowered the positive Jane and Finch resident narrative through storytelling and the sharing of lived experiences using a variety of mediums

2017 Priority Actions:

  • Participation in Civic Decision-Making: Received a catalyst grant from York University to research resident issues; held two strategic planning sessions with stakeholders and six work groups worked to implement the report recommendations
  • Economic Opportunities: Provided First Aid/CPR and job search skill training to 58 adult residents
  • Healthy Lives: Implemented the Community Garden Network to connect local services and food sources; provided materials,
    seeds, soil, and tool sharing

    • Delivered workshops on food literacy, small- and large-scale gardening, food preparation and preserving, and community services
  • Economic Opportunities: 80 high school youth participated in HIGH FIVE, First Aid/CPR, food handling and employability training


Neighbourhood Action Plan

Each Neighbourhood Planning Table created an Action Plan that reflected each of the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas’s (NIA) priority issues identified by residents and other stakeholders. Residents, local agencies, and other stakeholders provided input to ensure actions were prioritized according to the needs of the community, and to identify the resources that were needed to complete the actions.

The Action Plan below was categorized by the five domains of wellbeing that were central to the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 (TSNS 2020), and were tracked and updated to address changing needs.

From 2015-2018 the Jane Finch Task Force was recognized as the Neighbourhood Planning Table. As of July 2018 actions reflected the new Jane and Finch Resident Engagement Planning Table.

Name and Description Lead Organization/ # of Partners # of Residents Engaged ($) Resources Required Status and Date
Passport to Employment: Training for youth in 4 schools: First Aid/CPR, Hi-Five, food handling and customer service Passport to Employment     800 $100000 In progress
Economic Opportunities Group: Create a table to network, share information, look at needs & solutions  JF TSNS        Taskforce     105  $ 10000 In progress
Local Hiring from York U: Leverage local employment opportunities from York U and track the % of residents employed City of Toronto – What division?    100   $0.00 Completed
Promoting STEM: Advocate for local businesses, namely Imperial/Esso, to be accountable to the community JF TSNS Taskforce    0    $0.00 In progress
Increase Shoreham Childcare: Utilize Toronto Community Housing space to increase childcare capacity Shoreham Court Animators    50 $ 182000 Completed
Name and Description Lead Organization/ # of Partners # of Residents Engaged ($) Resources Required Status and Date
Grant-writing workshops in the neighbourhood: Funders discuss grant opportunities to the community in monthly meetings. City of Toronto – What division?       24    $0.00 In progress
Resource development capacity building: Forum to discuss funding issues & systemic barriers to sustainable funding Health Arts Society of Ontario       24     $0.00 Completed
Grow our Grass ways: Provide legal education workshops Black Creek Community Health Centre    100    $1000 Completed
Breaking the Bullying Silence through Creative Arts (BBSCA): Breaking Bullying Silence through Creative Arts Noble Solutions (Glenfield-Jane Heights)     25    $2000 In progress
Name and Description Lead Organization/ # of Partners # of Residents Engaged ($) Resources Required Status and Date
Provide capacity building support to local agencies and service providers: Social work students are assigned to agencies & resident leaders to build capacity.

     10   $0.00 In progress
Create and maintain an accessible database of resident-led organizations: Environmental scans were created that included resident-led organizations.     10   $ 3000 In progress
Recipe for Community: Engaged residents, young and old, to improve the sense of belonging and safety.    6250  $100000 Completed
2999 Jane Homework Club: Host an appreciation BBQ with volunteers from York U and the community.       Belka      20   $1000 Completed
TSNS Education Committee: Data collection of high school dropout rates & graduates rates York University       5     $0.00 Completed
JF TSNS TF Education workgroup: Increase resources for student success: i.e. local tutoring, after school programing, library, and educational supports Education workgroup        5   $3000 In progress
TSNS Education Committee: Increase engagement with and advocacy skills of parents and push for smaller class sizes York University        64    $3000 In progress
Resident Focus Group Project: Increase civic participation and engagement of residents in Jane and Finch JF Family Centre     100+     $500 Completed
JF Resident Recognition Awards: Diverse Jane Finch Residents are nominated for a recognition award validating their volunteer commitments JF Resident TSNS Steering Committee    100+     $600 Completed
York West: Multicultural Dinner: Multi-Cultural Dinner event for residents at Driftwood Community Centre ACORN-The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) Community Mentor 200 $1765 Completed
San Romano way BBQ Fest: Neighborhood event for the community to meet and greet each other. United, Engaged, Strong 300 $3000 Completed
Bike Repair Workshop: Teaching youth how repair their bicycles. The Sheppard Watch 50 $2500 In Progress
Jane and Finch Ideation: Social Ideation Sessions on Civic Engagement 44 $0.00 In Progress
Seniors’ Dancing Festival: Enhance cost effective ways to maximize participation in the community Dancing Life (Glenfield-Jane Heights) 150 $2000 In Progress
Celebrate our abilities: Youth & Children with special needs and their area caregiver gather together and get to know each other More than Special Needs (Glenfield-Jane Heights) 75 $2000 In Progress
Name and Description Lead Organization/ # of Partners # of Residents Engaged ($) Resources Required Status and Date
415 Driftwood Common Area Rejuvenation: POL2 grant to renovate office into resident resource space Jane Finch Family Centre     50   $126000 Completed
Jane Fir grove Playground and Outdoor Space Revitalization: Install a new playground with swings, slides, sandbox, natural features, shade and improved seating    100   $183000 Cancelled
Elm Park Splash Pad: Installation of a new splash pad Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division 100 $50000 Completed
Driftwood Outdoor Basketball Pad Revitalization: Enhancement of basketball pad Jane Finch Family Centre 150 $150000 Completed
Oakdale: Funding for seating, water fountain, and shelter. Collectively done with residents of all ages.   Resident(s) 60 $180000 In Progress
Bridging the Gap: BBQ and Movie Night – between police and community Toronto Community Housing Corporation 200 $2000 Completed
Name and Description Lead Organization/ # of Partners # of Residents Engaged ($) Resources Required Status and Date
Community Garden Network: Connect residents to local services and food sources. Providing materials, workshops etc. Black Creek Community Farm       55    $5000 Completed
Health Care Action Committee: Subcommittee to identify critical health care issues from the Jane Finch Task Force Report. Toronto Public Health (Health Promotions)       26     $7000  In Progress
End of Season Harvest: End of season community garden event with a nature walk, food, DJ, and steel pan drums Driftwood Parkette Community Group     100     $2500 Completed
San Romano way Sunshine Garden and Orchard: Celebrate Community Garden – including fresh vegetables, raffles, tours of the community garden TRCA- What is this acronym?    160    $1000 Completed
Kids in Motion: Educate and encourage fitness and nutrition amongst children between ages 7-10 in creative ways.     Fit Starz      30    $3000 Completed
Creativity Through Therapeutic Art/Painting Expression: Provide a safe space for individuals to express emotions through painting and discussion Painting for Life    30     $2500 Completed
Love Yourself: Encourage women in the community to increase their self-love Lovely Women Rising (Black Creek)      20    $1500 In Progress
Keeping In Touch: Connecting children and youth with their estranged fathers Striving Mother’s (Black Creek)       30    $2000 In progress