Neighbourhood Improvement Area:

#85 South Parkdale

Councillor & Ward:

Ward 4, Parkdale-High Park

2018-2019 Priority Actions:

  • Social Development: Explored a community services plan to increase access, coordination, and investment in community services for Parkdale residents
  • Economic Opportunities: Supported the creation of a Community Benefits Strategy with institutions, local businesses and employment service providers to increase opportunities/access to employment, envisioning a future where all community members can benefit from the changes that are happening in the neighbourhood with equitable benefit
  • Participation in Civic Decision-Making: Established a resident advisory body and communication plan to increase resident participation, information sharing between residents, service providers, business, and government
  • Healthy Lives: Explored a health and well-being plan to address concerns identified by local stakeholders—including aspects of mental health, environmental health and food security

2017 Priority Actions:

  • Economic Opportunities: Held participatory workshops on popular economics to build residents’ capacity for participating in economic development planning in the
  • Participation in Civic Decision-Making: Held participatory workshops to come up with ways of measuring neighbourhood progress in a way that is meaningful to Parkdale community members
  • Economic Opportunities: Supported a resident initiative to produce a video that explore the idea of “community serving businesses”